Date Title
2016-02-01 Tunable optical filter - US 20020149850 A1
2016-02-02 Tunable optical filter - US 5459799 A
2016-02-03 Tunable optical filters - US 5305402 A
2016-02-04 Tunable optical filter - US 5481402 A
2016-02-05 Tunable optical filter - US 5073004 A
2016-02-06 Tunable optical filter - US 6339492 B1
2016-02-07 What is Optical filter? --- from Wikipedia
2016-02-08 Tunable optical filter - US 6822798 B2
2016-02-09 Tunable optical filters - US 5305402 A
2016-02-10 Tunable optical filters - US 5701371 A
2016-02-11 Electrically tunable optical filter for infrared wavelength using liquid crystals in a Fabry–Perot étalon
2016-02-13 Narrowband tunable optical filter for channel selection in densely packed WDM systems -
2016-02-14 Assembly of Mesoscale Particles over Large Areas and Its Application in Fabricating Tunable Optical Filters
2016-02-15 Tunable optical filters for dense WDM networks
2016-02-16 A micromachined in-plane tunable optical filter using the thermo-optic effect of crystalline silicon
2016-02-17 FDMA-FSK star network with a tunable optical filter demultiplexer
2016-02-18 Volume holographic grating-based continuously tunable optical filter
2016-02-19 Tunable optical transversal filter based on chirped gratings
2016-02-20 An all-dielectric tunable optical filter based on the thermo-optic effect
2016-02-21 Tunable optical filter of porous silicon as key component for a MEMS spectrometer
2016-02-22 Microspectrometer based on a tunable optical filter of porous silicon
2016-02-23 Polarization‐independent acoustically tunable optical filter
2016-02-24 Tunable optical waveguide directional coupler filter
2016-02-25 Integrated-optic acoustically tunable infra-red optical filter
2016-02-26 Efficient coherent combining of widely tunable fiber lasers
2016-02-27 Graphene Q-switched, tunable fiber laser
2016-02-28 40-nm-wide tunable fiber ring laser with single-mode operation using a highly stretchable FBG
2016-02-29 Graphene mode locked, wavelength-tunable, dissipative soliton fiber laser
2016-02-29 An electronically tunable fiber laser with a liquid-crystal etalon filter as the wavelength-tuning element
2016-03-01 Branch arm filtered coherent combining of tunable fiber lasers
2016-03-02 A branch arm filtering technique is firstly proposed and experimentally demonstrated. A tunable band pass filter is inserted into one branch arm of the Mach-Zehnder type resonator instead of into the common arm as usual, in the coherent combining of two t
2016-03-03 Multiwavelength Raman fiber-ring laser based on tunable cascaded long-period fiber gratings
2016-03-04 Tunable single-mode fiber lasers
2016-03-05 Highly tunable fiber-coupled photomixers with coherent terahertz output power
2016-03-06 Gain enhanced L-band optical fiber amplifiers and tunable fiber lasers with erbium-doped fibers
2016-03-07 Tunable fiber Bragg gratings for application in tunable fiber lasers
2016-03-08 Comparison of Tm : ZBLAN and Tm : silica fiber lasers; Spectroscopy and tunable pulsed laser operation around 1.9 μm
2016-03-09 Active mode locking of tunable multi-wavelength fiber ring laser
2016-03-10 Widely tunable single-frequency erbium-doped fiber lasers
2016-03-11 980 nm compact optical isolators using Cd1–x–yMnxHgyTe single crystals for high power pumping laser diodes
2016-03-12 New class of materials for optical isolators
2016-03-13 Microoptic grating multiplexers and optical isolators for fiber-optic communications
2016-03-14 Integrated optical isolators with sputter-deposited thin-film magnets
2016-03-15 Improved Design of Magnetooptic Rib Waveguides for Optical Isolators
2016-03-16 Suppression of simulated Brillouin scattering using optical isolators
2016-03-16 Optical isolators for high-power 1.06-micron glass laser system
2016-03-16 On-chip optical isolation in monolithically integrated non-reciprocal optical resonators
2016-03-16 Waveguide Optical Isolators for Integrated Optics
2016-03-16 Design of High-Performance Millimeter Wave and Sub-Millimeter Wave Quasi-Optical Isolators and Circulators
2016-03-17 In-line fiber etalon (ILFE) fiber-optic strain sensors
2016-03-17 In-line fiber-optic etalon formed by hollow-core photonic crystal fiber
2016-03-17 Fiber-optic temperature sensing with ultrathin silicon étalons
2016-03-17 In-line fiber étalon for strain measurement
2016-03-17 Fiber optic grating and etalon sensor systems
2016-03-18 Fibre-optic thermometer using semiconductor-etalon sensor
2016-03-18 Fiber-Optic Temperature Sensor Using A Spectrum-Modulating Semiconductor Etalon
2016-03-18 Fiber optic distributed sensing systems for harsh aerospace environments
2016-03-18 Impact-Induced Damage of Laminated Graphite/Epoxy Composites Monitored Using Embedded In-Line Fiber Etalon Optic Sensors
2016-03-18 Development of a three-axis strain and temperature fiber optic grating sensor
2016-03-19 In-Line Fiber Optic Interferometric Sensors in Single-Mode Fibers
2016-03-19 In-Line Fabry–Perot Etalons Based on Hollow-CorePhotonic Bandgap Fibers for High-Temperature Applications
2016-03-19 Miniature fiber-optic pressure sensor with a polymer diaphragm
2016-03-19 Design of a fibre optic multi-point sensor for gas detection
2016-03-19 Three-axis strain and temperature fiber optic grating sensor
2016-04-01 Highly selective and widely tunable 1.55-μm InP/air-gap micromachined Fabry-Perot filter for optical communications
2016-04-01 Long resonator micromachined tunable GaAs-AlAs Fabry-Perot filter
2016-04-01 Sharp tunable optical filters based on the polarization attributes of stimulated Brillouin scattering
2016-04-01 Resonance tunable optical filter - US 6738194 B1
2016-04-01 Electro-optically tunable, narrowband Ti:LiNbO3 wavelength filter